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Where you work matters.

Co working spaces promote creativity, community and collaboration.

It’s no surprise with major flexible office brands like WeWork coming to our shores that there are increasing benefits to coworking spaces. No longer just for the freelance community, business operators of all types are looking for flexible work environments that fit their preferred structure and needs. Co working spaces and hot desks are a non-tradional solution for those who have outgrown the café or home office, while also offering increased collaboration, relationship building and burgeoning creativity.

With office space a hot commodity across most Australian major cities, coworking providers are offering fully, ergonomically adjustable workstations with mobile IT solutions. Breaking free from the traditional fixed workstation, coworking spaces offer new-age amenities including collaboration pods, stylised break out areas and dedicated social oasis areas, where people can kick back, relax and have a chat.

With a variety of co working spaces now offered across cities, business operators can choose the work setting that best suits their needs whether it be an open collaborative space, a focused space or an informal space. Some larger scale providers even offer access to gyms, bike storage and meditation rooms included in their membership.

Great for collaboration and communication

Running a business from a coworking space provides a flexible, more agile way to work and engage with other businesses. By sharing space with people of all ranks and experience the spirit of open communication and collaboration is one of the reasons hot desking has become so popular.

Work-life balance has become a work-life blend.

The future of co-working is looking beyond the typical 9 to 5, as hotels look to combine accommodation and work spaces as well as other brands putting family first with childcare services on offer for working parents. Concierge services and female only locations are also options available to those willing to break out of the isolated cubicle or home desk.

If you are looking to boost your creativity, grow your community and collaborate with other like-minded people through a co working space then we can help. We will match you with the perfect location and services to suit your needs. Get in touch today!

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